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West Byron Urban Release Area

On 14 November 2014,  Byron LEP 1988 was amended to effect the Department of Planning and Environment's state significant rezoning of the West Byron urban release area. Further information regarding the rezoning can be found on the NSW Department Planning and Environment website.  As part of the rezoning, a voluntary planning agreement has been entered into between the major landowners and the Department of Planning and Environment.

The site is now zoned for a combination of residential, business and light industrial purposes.

There are also a suite of other land use controls contained in Part 4 of Byron LEP 1988 that apply only to that urban release area e.g. minimum lot sizes, flood planning.

Byron Development Control Plan 2014, Chapter E8 West Byron Urban Release Area, became effective on 20 July 2017.

The purpose of the DCP is to provide development guidance to the West Byron Urban Release Area, including: staging plan; transport movement hierarchy; landscaping strategy; stormwater and water quality management controls; and measures to encourage higher density living around transport, open space and service nodes.