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Say NO to plastic bags

Byron Shire Council congratulates retailers and businesses within the Shire who have said NO to plastic bags.

Single-use plastic bags are a major litter problem in our parks and waterways, and can result in the deaths of many turtles, Cetaceans, birds and other animal species.

In 2002, the Environment Protection and Heritage Council (EPHC), made up of Australian Government and State and Territory Environment Ministers, agreed on a national approach to reduce light-weight plastic bag use.

The EPHC set tough reduction and recycling targets in the Code for major supermarkets – the number of plastic bags issued by supermarkets had to fall by 25% by the end of 2004 and 50% by the end of 2005. A recycling rate of 15% (through in-store collection) was also set for the end of 2005.

They decided that a National Code of Practice for the management of light-weight plastic bags was needed, with participation rates of 90% for supermarket/retail chains and 25% for smaller retailers. Source:  

How can your business be involved?

The Say NO to Plastics Bags website from has some great tips for how businesses can phase out single use plastic bags and select an ethical bag supplier when resourcing alternatives.

Join the campaign today!