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Rous Water

The Byron Shire drinking water supply is purchased from Rous Water.  Rous Water is the regional water supply authority providing potable bulk water to constituent Councils.  The raw water supply is extracted from Rocky Creek Dam and treated at the Nightcap Water Treatment Plant. The Nightcap Water Treatment Plant provides drinking water that undergoes full treatment, including coagulation, flocculation, filtration and disinfection to the residents of Byron Shire.   The water supply to Byron Shire is not fluoridated.

Rous Water is responsible for the management of the catchment, treatment systems and supply to the inlet of the Byron Reservoirs.  BSC is responsible for the reticulation of this water from the reservoirs to the consumers.

Rous distributes the supply water from a Rous Water Reservoir at St Helena, where it flows into seven regional reservoirs owned and operated by BSC. The Byron Water Supply serves a population of approximately 17,373.