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Renewable energy

Byron Shire renewable energy resource study

Council has undertaken a preliminary identification and economic assessment of renewable energy resources across the Byron Shire, including detailed wind mapping of the Shire. The Study provided valuable information about the viability of local wind and solar resources that may facilitate investment in renewable energy across the Shire. The Study indicated that Byron Shire's wind resource is highly variable and constrained for reasons such as tree cover and scenic protection. This suggests that the wide-scale deployment of wind turbines is unlikely to occur, although small pockets of land may support smaller wind turbines, whether privately-owned or through a community share program. However, the study identified solar power as having a strong financial basis and an obvious choice for deployment due to it's widespread and evenly distributed nature.

Byron Shire wind mapping

Disclaimer: While all reasonable care has been taken to ensure the information contained on this map is up to date and accurate, no warranty is given that the information contained on this map is free from error or omission. Any reliance placed on such information shall be at the sole risk of the user. Please verify the accuracy of the information prior to using it. The information shown on this map is a copyright of the Byron Shire Council.

Solar installations across Byron Shire 


Brunswick Valley Community Centre

Council has installed a 5kW solar PV system on the Brunswick Valley Community Centre located on South Beach Road, Brunswick Heads. The system will generate approximately 7,700 kilowatt hours of clean renewable energy and eliminate 7.25 tonnes of greenhouse gas annually. This equates to removing 10 cars from the road permanently OR planting 430 trees every year.

Myocum Landfill

Council has installed one of the largest solar systems in the Shire, with a 10 kW solar PV system erected at the Myocum Waste and Recycling Centre. The large free-standing system consists of 52 panels that will produce approximately 15,000 kWh of green energy and avoid 16,000 kg of CO2 emissions each year.

Each year, the system will produce renewable energy equivalent to:

  • removing 20 cars off the road, or
  • planting 829 trees for carbon absorption.

The suitability of installing a large solar system at the Myocum Waste and Recycling Centre site was identified in the local Renewable Energy Resources Study that Council commissioned in 2010.

Solar hot water roll out across Council facilities

As part of ongoing efforts to reduce the Shire's greenhouse gas emissions, Council has undertaken a bulk installation of solar hot water heaters across local community buildings, including:

  • Ocean Shores Community Centre
  • Suffolk Park Community Centre
  • Byron Bay Council Depot
  • Mullumbimby Neighbourhood Centre
  • Brunswick Valley Community Centre

The bulk retrofit is an action under Council’s Greenhouse Action Strategy, which assists Council in reducing its greenhouse emissions and move towards a low carbon future.

It is expected that the retrofit will save over 15 tonnes of CO2 per annum.