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Rates and Water Charges - Request to receive instalment notices via email

You can now register to receive your Rates and Water Charge Notices and Instalment Notices via email.

Rates and Water Charge Notices will be in the form of a PDF attachment sent to an email address nominated by you. You can view, save and print all of your notices at any time.

I would like to register to receive my rates and water notices online 

Convenient and easy
Perfect for when you’re away from home.

Register now
Simply scan the QR code printed on your rate notice using a suitable app on your smart phone or tablet or log on to and click the register link.

Simply scan the QR code printed on your water notice using a suitable app on your smart phone or tablet or log on to and click the register link.


Registration Information

Full Name: Please enter your name or names exactly as they appear your rate notice.

Account Number: Please enter your assessment number from your rate notice,including all digits (do not include any spaces).

Email address: Your preferred email address.

Username: Enter an appropriate username.

Display name: Enter your First name.

Please contact the Rating Team on 02 6626 7007 for any help and support relating to this website.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I received the message ‘Update error:information is not found’.

Check that your name is entered exactly as it appears in your rate notice including Mr/Mrs and spaces between initials. Check your assessment number – ie 7 digits including leading zeros.

  • I have more than one property. Do I have to register twice?

If the name and address on all of your notices are exactly the same you should register with one assessment number and the system will automatically include all of your notices in the one login. It may be necessary to log out and log back in again to see all your notices.

If you require notices with different names to be registered on the same login you will need to contact The Rating Team on 02 6626 7007

  • I forgot my user name or password. What do I do?

Click on the ?forgot password? link on the home page and complete the form to retrieve your password information.