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This section provides you with a comprehensive range of information regarding the statutory and policy framework that governs the assessment of new developments, both statewide, but more importantly, those planning controls relevant to developments in the Byron Shire.

Throughout this section, you will find details of the NSW planning system, including reference to planning considerations at a State level, as well as the local Byron documents (existing Byron Planning documents include LEPs, DCPs, Council Policies and Codes).

Certain developments will require a rezoning, or a change to the existing local statutory document, the Byron Local Environmental Plan. A separate sub-section for proposed LEP Amendments has been provided to guide you through this process.

It is important to note that both the State Government through their planning reforms and Byron Council have extensive and ongoing planning review processes. It is strongly suggested that you bring yourself up to speed on these emerging processes in order the gauge their possible impacts on any proposed development.

The extent to which these existing and emerging planning controls apply can be verified through applying for a 149 Certificate from Council. This information is essential for the purchase of a new property.