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Parking in Byron Shire

There is high demand for parking in Byron Bay, especially during peak seasons.  As such Council implements parking strategies enforced by Council Rangers to help provide equitable access for all motorists and ensure safety for the high number of pedestrians in and around town.  

There are various parking areas available in the Byron Bay central business district mainly consisting of on-street parking and Council car park areas.  These parking areas have various signposted regulations that include time limits, pay parking and angle parking directions.

Ensure when alighting from your vehicle that you take the time to read, understand and follow the time and parking restrictions that are signposted.        

On-street signposts are up to 50m apart.  Please ensure you look for the relevant signposted direction applicable to your parking space to avoid an infringement being issued.

Byron Bay town centre is Front to Kerb

Example of typical sign

Changes to on-street angle parking within Byron Bay town centre commenced 9 March 2010 and have been in full effect since and including 23 March 2010 after completion of the two-week grace period that applied to rear to kerb offences only.

The area to which the changes and grace period applied is detailed within the PDF map as available on Council’s website, which was also published as full page advertisement in both the local weekly newspapers.

By and including the 23 March 2010, all new angle parking spaces were line marked, signed and enforced with further half and full page advertising placed in the local newspapers advising of the changes and the end of the grace period.

While changes did result in a small loss of on-street car spaces, due namely to changing the north side of Lawson Street (which is one of the main streets) to parallel parking, the changes have resulted in many benefits, including ease of parking and more in line with common (and standard) NSW practice for on-street angle parking.

Moreover the changes, notably the line marking, has improved and delivered a more efficient use of available space, increased the levels of compliance and delivered a consistent approach to town centre parking, which was one of the key objectives of the changes.