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On-street parking

Time restrictions for on-street parking range from 15 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, up to 4 hours.  The time limit is represented by a number followed by the letter "P", except when representing minutes which is represented by the words "mins".

In unison with time limits there are regulation requirements for angle parking.  A majority of the on-street parking in Byron Bay requires vehicles to park with the rear of the vehicle to the kerb at all times.  Signage will indicate this requirement with the words 135° Angle Parking Rear to Kerb.

Whilst the majority of on-street parking in the centre of Byron Bay requires rear to kerb parking, also incorporated in some parking areas is the requirement to park ‘Front to Kerb’ or ‘park parallel’.  Where there is no signposted direction for angle parking, parallel parking should be observed.

Whilst the main hub of the central business district has time limits enforced, Council also provides unrestricted parking for motorists on the perimeter of the central business district which is a very easy short stroll to all of town's amenities.  Use of these parking areas allows a relaxed option for visitors and residents to park and enjoy Byron Bay without having to pay for parking or monitor signposted time limits.