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Multiple Occupancies to Community Title

Conversion of existing Multiple Occupancies (MOs) to rural Community Title (CT) subdivision.

What is ‘MO to CT’?

The Community Title (CT) subdivision of an existing Multiple Occupancy (MO), also known as rural land sharing communities, is known as 'MO to CT'. If the conversion is successful each share in the existing multiple occupancy (which is collectively owned) will gain an individual title for a rural residential lot.  The remaining land is held in common ownership.   

New provision under Byron LEP 2014 that allows for conversion of existing approved MOs to CTs 

In the past an LEP amendment (or rezoning) and then development approval was required to convert an existing MO to CT subdivision. Clause 4.1B of Byron LEP 2014 now enables existing approved MOs to convert to CT via a development application only (i.e. no rezoning process first) as long as: 

  • the total number of neighbourhood (house) lots does not exceed the number of approved MO dwelling sites;
  • at least one lot is used as common land for recreation, environmental facility or agriculture; and
  • there is no more than one dwelling erected on each neighbourhood (house) lot. 

In granting development consent Council must be satisfied that appropriate management measures are in place that will ensure the protection and enhancement of the landscape, biodiversity and rural setting of the land, and improved social and economic outcomes can be achieved. Council will also consider the provisions in Chapter D6 Subdivision in Byron DCP 2014. 

Refer to Clause 4.1B of Byron LEP 2014 and D6.3.5 Rural Community Title Subdivision (Chapter D6 Subdivision) in Byron DCP 2014

Note: For land deferred from Byron LEP 2014 (i.e. still subject to Byron LEP 1988) the opportunity to convert an existing MO to CT via a development application is not available.

For more information on MO to CT conversions please contact Council's Development Support Officer by phone 02 6626 7025 or email