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Investigating the Re-design of the Jonson Street Protection Works, Byron Bay

In 2012 Council engaged the consultants WorleyParsons to undertake an investigation into the the potential modification or redesign of the Jonson Street Protection Works, located at Main Beach, Byron Bay as underpinned by the following objectives:

  1. To provide adequate protection to the Byron Bay town centre against coastal erosion and inundation against a design storm event and with due consideration of projected sea level rise;
  2. To mitigate adverse impacts on coastal processes, for example end wall erosion effects downdrift of the Jonson Street Protection Works;
  3. To improve structural integrity;
  4. To improve public safety; 
  5. To enhance amenity.

The project was part funded by the NSW state government under the Coastal Management Program.  

The project methodology included a site inspection by the consultant and a triple bottom line workshop with agency stakeholders. The ‘Working Draft Jonson Street Protection Works Modelling and Evaluation of Design Options Report’ and the outcome of the triple bottom line workshop was reported and presented to Council on 6 December 2012.

The final report 'Investigating the Re-design of the Jonson Street Protection Works' was endorsed by Council on 27 February 2014 (Resolution 14-66), including the design option shown at 'Figure 65 Rock revetment and Stepped Concrete Seawall option', of the report. The design includes removing the spur groynes and in accordance with Council's Res 14-66, incorporating a viewing and meeting platform area.