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Heritage in Byron Shire

Byron Shire contains a wide variety of heritage assets including Indigenous sites, natural heritage sites, landscape elements, iconic landmarks such as the Cape Byron lighthouse, industrial heritage such as the Mullumbimby Power Station, plus many examples of civic, commercial and domestic heritage which provide a collective richness of local identity, characterised largely by a built north coast vernacular of timber and iron buildings and many excellent examples of commercial buildings of 1930s. 

Local Heritage Funding 2017/18

Byron Council has established a Local Heritage Fund with assistance from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.

The focus for the 2017-2018 Local Heritage Places Grants is conservation works that enhance individual places, buildings and historic streetscapes including buildings in conservation areas that will in turn promote and foster the community’s and visitor’s appreciation of the Shire.

The aim of this project is to encourage as much positive work on heritage items in the Shire as possible.  In the past, many grant programs were for individual buildings only.  This program will provide kick-start funding to encourage the joint funding of a number of projects. In the process, it is hoped that this will engender greater interest and concern for conservation for all heritage items within the Council area.

Local Heritage Funding 2017/18 Guidelines

Project application - Local Heritage Places Fund

Managing Heritage

Council manages heritage in accordance with the Heritage Act 1977 and aspects of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

Items, areas and places of heritage significance are listed as having either local or State significance. Additional national significance may also exist under commonwealth government legislation.

Items of local significance are identified within the Byron Local Environmental Plan 2014 (LEP 2014).

Chapter C1 of Byron Shire Development Control Plan 2014 sets out controls and guidelines that complement LEP 2014 in relation to development to or in the vicinity of heritage items and Heritage Conservation Areas.

State significant items are listed by the Office of Environment and Heritage under the Heritage Act. These listings are established by publication of a gazettal notice. Such items may also be identified in an LEP but only those Gazetted as having State significance can be identified as such in the LEP.

Schedule 5 of the Byron Shire Local Environmental Plan 2014 contains an inventory of 187 Heritage items and 7 heritage conservation areas. These items have been mapped within the LEP and are available on the NSW Legislation website.

Byron Shire Heritage Strategy

Byron Shire Heritage Strategy was adopted by Council in August 2016. The purpose of the document is to set out a heritage strategy to be used by Council to provide direction for heritage management, and to link it to wider strategic and organisation planning. This Heritage Strategy is based on the Heritage Branch’s ‘Recommendations for Local Council Heritage Management’ and is linked to the annual reporting template which is a requirement of the Heritage Branch for local government heritage funding arrangements.

Community-Based Heritage Study

Between 2004 and 2006, Council undertook a Community-Based Heritage Study that assessed and recommended places for inclusion on the schedule of places of local heritage significance in the Byron Shire Local Environment Plan, and made recommendations for the ongoing management and protection of the Shire’s heritage places.

The community-based study methodology was chosen because it ensures that the community is not only consulted about its heritage, but also that it is actively involved in researching and nominating items and places of heritage significance, and in considering recommendations for their management and promotion.

The Community Based Heritage Study was adopted by Council on 31 July 2008. Council included the study's heritage items and conservation areas in the process of developing Byron LEP 2014.  

If you would like advice on a heritage property or its redevelopment, please contact Council on 02 6626 7062.