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Byron Shire Councillors - elected September 2016

Left to right: Cr Paul Spooner, Cr Jeannette Martin, Cr Cate Coorey, Cr Michael Lyon, Mayor Simon Richardson, Cr Sarah Ndiaye, Cr Alan Hunter, Cr Jan Hackett and Deputy Mayor Cr Basil Cameron

Byron Shire Council has a popularly elected Mayor who is the chairperson at meetings of Council.

The Mayor is also one of nine Councillors who are elected to a four year term of office. Councillors are, collectively, the policy-makers of the Council and represent their communities to bring their views into the Council’s decision-making process. They also act as an advocate for residents in resolving particular concerns relating to Council services.

For more information on the role of the Mayor, Councillors and the General Manager, see Council’s relevant webpage.

Councillors can be contacted by the public at any time using the information provided below. All Councillors can also be contacted by mail at PO Box 219 MULLUMBIMBY NSW 2482.

For information relating to previous Councillors, please contact David Royston-Jennings on 02 6626 7171 regarding the historical listing of those elected to serve in Local Government for Byron Shire Council.

For information on becoming a Councillor, please see the Office of Local Government’s ‘Thinking about becoming a Councillor?’ guide for candidates in NSW.

For more detailed information on each Councillor, please click on their name below.

Cr Simon Richardson
Council: 6626 7000
Mobile: 0427 076 834

Cr Basil Cameron
Deputy Mayor
Mobile: 0427 664 754

Cr Cate Coorey

Mobile: 0402 315 345

Cr Jan Hackett

Phone: 6680 8240 / 0481 117 747

Cr Alan Hunter

Phone: 6684 7259  /  0428 657 549

Cr Michael Lyon

Phone: 6684 5205

Mobile: 0435 646 365

Cr Jeannette Martin

Mobile: 0412 322 255

Cr Sarah Ndiaye

Mobile: 0432 389 353

Cr Paul Spooner 

Mobile: 0434 771 510