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Council Car Parks

Byron Shire Council has four designated pay parking car parks in Byron Bay.

These car parks are:

  • Main Beach Car Park (95 parking spaces  / inc 5 Mobility spaces)
  • Lawson St North Car Park (135 parking spaces / inc 3 Mobility spaces)
  • Lawson St South Car Park  (74 parking spaces / inc 1 Mobility space)
  • Clarkes Beach Car Park (90 parking spaces  / inc 2 Mobility spaces)

The current tariff for parking is $4.00 per hour, capped at $20.00 for all day parking in the car parks mentioned above.

The car parks operate between the hours of 9am to 6pm, seven days a week including Public Holidays.

The designated pay parking car parks are clearly signposted. Signage displaying the words “Meter Registration” indicates the requirement to pay for parking in a pay parking meter. Byron Shire local residents, ratepayers and town centre workers can also purchase an exemption at

Pay parking meters are available in all car parks. Exemption holders can simply park and walk away. However, exemption e-permit holders are reminded that time limits still apply.

When parking your car, check the street signs and take note of the time limit.  If you wish to stay longer, at the end of your time limit, you will need to move your car. Over staying the time limit, even with a valid e-permit, will incur a fine of $108.

Council car park restrictions

Please note that for safety reasons the car parks are for vehicles six (6) metres or less in length and all vehicles must park within the marked bay only.  It is an offence to park across a number of parking spaces.

Vehicles larger than six (6) metres in length or towing trailers will have to park in parallel parking areas provided in and around the perimeter of town, where available.

The car parks are closed to ALL vehicles between the hours of 1 am - 5 am.