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Water supply

Rous Water provides bulk water to four council areas in the region including Byron Shire. All urban areas in Byron Shire, with the exception of Mullumbimby which is supplied from Council's Laverty's Gap Weir, are supplied water from Rocky Creek Dam which is managed by Rous Water.

Rous Water is a County Council and two Councillor representatives are appointed from each of the four constituent Councils, Ballina, Byron, Lismore, and Richmond Valley. Byron Shire Councillors Duncan Dey and Diane Woods are currently members of Rous Water Council.

Mullumbimby's water supply is sources from Laverty's Gap Weir, an upper catchment system of the Wilsons River, providing good quality water. The original water supply scheme, constructed in 1939, consists of: the weir, a race/tunnel from the weir to the treatment plant, a water treatment plant (WTP), reservoirs, water mains and pipelines. Further information is available in Mullumbimby Water Stories 1.78MB.

Please refer to the Drinking Water Quality Drinking Plan for more information.

The latest information on planned water supply maintenance and possible outages.

All water supply customers are subject to water usage and water annual charges in accordance with Council Adopted Revenue Policy and detailed in the annual Fees and Charges and Policy.

To safeguard the community water supply Councils’ Infrastructure Services Division has responsibility to ensure the maintenance of backflow prevention devices. This program is aligned with Council’s Drinking Water Management Plan (DWMP) and the installation of these devices is required to comply with Australian Standard AS 3500.1.

This plan was adopted on 17 August 2016 to provide a regional approach which improves drought management for the five local water utilities (Ballina, Byron, Lismore and Richmond Valley Councils as well as the Rous Waster County Council).