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Trade Waste

liquid Trade Waste

In general terms, trade waste is all liquid waste generated on commercial premises and discharged to our sewerage system that is not human waste. If not managed properly, trade waste can damage the sewerage system, sewer operators and the environment.

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Putting the wrong things down your sink, drain and toilet can block and erode your pipes and cause sewage overflows. This can be extremely damaging to your property, inconvenient and expensive for you to repair.

Trade waste includes wastewater contaminated with substances like grease, oils, solids and chemicals.

Excess grease and fats in the sewerage system can increase the load on the treatment system, cause blockages and increase hydrogen sulphide being produced. The build up of hydrogen sulphide can result in bad odours and build up of acids that can attack the sewerage system infrastructure. The end result is odour complaints, increased maintenance costs and reduced life of the system.

All businesses that generate trade waste need to have a Trade Waste Discharge Approval issued by Council.