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Sustainable Agriculture

Many macadamia producers find that using sustainable management practices results in improved environmental and production outcomes.

The Shire’s farmers and other rural producers provide the community with food, fibre and other products, generate income for themselves and the wider community, provide jobs, contribute to the social mix of the Shire communities, maintain and enhance the Shire’s natural resources and are an essential component of the special character of the Shire and region. Agriculture is important to the Shire.

Agriculture is an important social, economic and environmental sector of the community because it provides:

  • Food, fibre, timber and other products such as oils and essences
  • Beautiful landscapes
  • Recreation and tourism opportunities
  • Constraints on development and enables a socially sustainable environment
  • Income to the producers and has a multiplier effect for the community
  • Employment
  • Enhancement and protection of biodiversity
  • Catchment protection and is greenhouse positive
  • Trading opportunities
  • Self-reliance and security in food, fibre and other products locally and for Australia

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