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Sustainability @ Council

We all have a part to play in reducing our impact on the planet.  

Byron Shire Council is passionate about inspiring, facilitating and supporting our operation and our community to be the most sustainable it can be.  

Council's Community Strategic Plan 2022  has a strong focus on sustainability. Council’s aims are to

  1. Protect and enhance the natural environment
  2. Enable sustainable towns, villages and rural settlements that respect our natural environment, create an inclusive social environment and integrate harmoniously with the character of local areas.
  3. Build a low carbon community that integrates:
    a) food security
    b) renewable energy
    c) climate change
    d) non-renewable resource constraints, including peak oil and
    e) economic and social prosperity and resilience.
Council's Ethical Catering Policy, which applies to all food procurement and corporate catering arrangements undertaken by Council, recognises the importance of ethically and sustainably produced foods, for the nutritional health and general wellbeing of our community, the local economy and the environment. To implement the Policy, Council developed an Ethical Catering Register which gives preference to local, seasonally-available, certified organic, cruelty-free and fair trade produce and also aims to promote sustainable agriculture by supporting local farmers across Byron Shire. Suitably qualified individuals/organisations are invited to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for Ethical Catering at any time.

Read more about Council's Low Carbon Strategy, and Byron Shire's goal to become Australia's first Zero Emissions community.

Read about projects such as bulk installation of solar hot water heaters across local community buildings, the 10 kW solar PV system erected at the Myocum Waste and Recycling Centre, and the Byron Shire renewable energy resource study.

Link to the Regional State of the Environment 2012 for the Northern Rivers CMA region of NSW. The Regional SoE 2012 reports on environmental condition at a regional level and at a local level. The data is collected annually and reported every four years.

Agriculture is an important social, economic and environmental sector of the community. Read more about sustainable agriculture in Byron Shire.