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As of June 2015, Council's local road network consists of 638 klm of road made up of:

  • 205 km of sealed urban roads

  • 343 km of rural sealed roads

  • 89 km of rural unsealed roads

Included in this network are 34 concrete and steel bridges and 10 timber bridges.

Like many country local government areas Byron Shire Council struggles to maintain the road network in good condition. This is made even more difficult because the rural areas of the Shire are some of the most heavily populated in the country. The high levels of traffic generated by tourists compound the problem.


See what major road works Byron Shire is conducting at the moment and in the near future.

See planned temporary road closures for events

Each year Council sets out its road maintenance program and capital works program as part of the annual Operational Plan review. Capital road projects are prioritised due to damage, vehicle usage and available funding which is mainly funded via general rates, grant funds and S94 monies. Most of the road maintenance works completed each year includes pothole filling, road edges, patching and drainage.

Find out more about bridge repair programs.

Find out more about the Byron Bay Bypass. You can even subscribe to the bypass e-news.

Find out about parking in Byron Shire

Byron Shire Council has heard community concerns about limited parking. Immediate and longer term changes to parking facilities and management are needed to increase the flexibility of existing parking supply, manage demand and provide new parking opportunities which will continue to support economic and social activities in the town.

Get an update on the status of landslip repairs.

Get the details on how non profit organisations can apply for temporary street banners in Byron Shire