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Creative Communities

Byron Shire is made up of a diverse and colourful mix of people, with each of the towns and villages having their own distinctiveness and mix of cultural values, embracing both traditional and alternative lifestyles and philosophies. This area has thriving home-based businesses that include alternative, cultural, health and knowledge industries, with a growing population of artists, writers and filmmakers.

We aim to preserve the uniqueness of the Shire and respect and support culture. Culture is the expression of the history, heritage, customs, arts, recreation, creativity and values of a community. As a community changes, so its culture will evolve.

Council's cultural policy sets out the vision:

The people of Byron Shire belong to a vibrant community which embraces both traditional and alternative lifestyles, with each of our towns, villages and localities having its own distinctiveness. Byron Shire Council seeks to work in partnership with the community to ensure our programs reflect the diverse cultural desires of the community.