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Ordinary Meetings

Council's Ordinary meetings consist of all Councillors and have delegated authority to determine matters.  Refer to the Schedule of Council Meetings for upcoming meeting dates. 

Special Purpose Committees

Council also has special purpose committees, as listed below, which meet on an as required basis.

The above Ordinary Meetings and Special Purpose Committees adhere to Council’s Code of Meeting Practice Policy 1.3 and related legislation.

Advisory Committees

Council is developing a greater strategic planning capability focusing on areas additional to the traditional land planning issues falling within its jurisdiction.

Those new areas are to encompass finance, asset management and systems integrity (Internal Audit), communications with Council's constituents, and the retention and development of creative industries, markets and home based businesses that tend to profile Byron Shire currently.

Further information on current and past Advisory Committees.

Project Reference Groups

Council has recognised Project Reference Groups (PRGs) that will be established to carry out specific objectives of Council.

Section 355 Committees and Boards of Management

Under the Local Government Act 1993 Section 355 Council is able to delegate some of its functions to a committee of Council.  Council uses this delegation and appoints community people to manage its facilities or functions through a committee of management.

The committees provide a mechanism by which interested persons can have an active role in the provision / management of Council facilities or services.  This provides a two fold benefit by giving protection to the committee operating under the banner of Council, and by providing Council with assistance in the carrying out of its functions.  Memberships consist of a Councillor and community representatives. 

 Further information on Section 355 Committees and Boards of Management.

Other Committees

Other committees are established in accordance with legislation or Council Resolution and memberships consist of Councillor(s), Government Department and staff representatives

Further information on these Committees.

Regional Committees

Council is represented on a number of community groups and industry bodies, these are known as Regional Committees.

Further information on Regional Committees.