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Coastal Emergency Management

Our coastline and beaches are some of Byron Shire’s best and most-loved assets.

Most of us are likely to agree that our coastline and beaches are important from an environmental point of view, an economic point of view, and as a place for Byron Shire’s 30,000 residents and 1.5 million annual visitors to simply enjoy.

But our coastline and beaches are dynamic and subject to constant change. This can be as a result of long term coastal processes or short term events such as storms, king tides and extreme weather events.  These events can cause various coastal hazards, including beach erosion, wave overtopping and coastal inundation.

Knowing how important our coast is for residents, visitors and our local economy, Byron Shire Council is committed to the sustainable management of our precious coastline and beaches. As part of that commitment, Council is keen to communicate with the community about the risks associated with coastal hazards.

Council encourages you to use this web page to find out more about coastal hazards and risks. There’s information about what coastal hazards affect the Byron Shire, what you can do to manage the risks from coastal hazards, and what Byron Shire Council intends to do in the event of a beach erosion emergency.