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Climate Change and Energy



Greenhouse Action Strategy  

Council is in the process of implementing the Byron Shire Greenhouse Action Strategy.

To find out about what else Council is doing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, look for regular updates on this website or contact Council’s Sustainability Officer.

Energy Meters to borrow at Local Libraries

Have you ever wondered why your energy bill is so expensive? Now you can find which appliances are costing you the most. The Power Mate Lite energy meters measure the power an appliance uses both when in operation and also in standby mode - which can account for 10% of electricity consumption in the average home. Available to borrow from Byron Shire libraries today!

Energy Audit Sheet

Council's Energy Efficiency Lighting Retrofit

Council has undertaken a major lighting retrofit of the main Administration Centre in Mullumbimby to improve the energy efficiency of the building. As an initiative under Council's adopted Greenhouse Action Strategy, the lighting retrofit is estimated to save 53 MWh of power per year, which equates to an annual reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 57 tonnes. It is expected that the project will generate financial savings of $14,000 per year, with a payback period of 3.5 years. 
The savings generated from the lighting retrofit will be re-invested into Council’s Revolving Energy Fund to finance further energy conservation measures throughout the organisation.