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Bio Energy

Council is investigating the potential to utilise all sources of organic waste material, termed “biomass”, produced in the Shire. Biomass is organic matter from commercial or farming activities that could be utilised for its highest available reuse value by being 'fed' into a bio energy plant.  

Innovative utilisation of the Shire’s biomass provides an excellent opportunity for reducing carbon emissions and creating a valuable resource from the mass of organic waste material produced within the Shire. 

As a very first step Council has engaged Planit Engineering to do a detailed assessment to quantify and qualify the possible sources of biomass within the Byron Shire. 

Byron Shire Council’s study into available biomass builds on regional work completed as part of the Sustain Northern Rivers collaboration. The Regional Bio Energy Scoping Study completed in 2013 and the First Order Pre Feasibility Study completed in 2016 created a foundation of knowledge that suggested the Byron Shire has potential to host its own bio energy hub. Links to the various regional work already completed on bio energy and building social licence for a new bio energy industry are provided at the bottom of this web page.

The project will involve the community from beginning to end as Council is keen to know about all farming and commercial sources of organic waste currently not collected. This could be from dairy, pig and chicken farms or commercial food manufacturing. 

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