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Belongil Estuary Management

Belongil Estuary Source: Ben Fitzgibbon

The Belongil estuary is a small intermittently closed and open lake lagoon (ICOLL) which meets the sea to the north-west of ByronBayTownship and extends about 3km inland from the coast in a south-easterly and westerly direction.  The main pressures impacting on Belongil Estuary are centred on poor water quality from:

  • Stormwater run-off from urban precincts
  • Stormwater run-off from rural precincts
  • Acid sulphate soils run-off during adverse seasonal weather conditions
  • Potential point sources of pollution from land use operations

Other impacts to this ecosystem include the proliferation of exotic species such as Bitou Bush and foxes, and impacts associated with human use such as unleashed dogs, dune trampling, and general human catchment usage impacts.

The estuary and surrounding Belongil catchment is occupied by many vulnerable and/or endangered flora and fauna species and floral communities which are essential for the maintenance of biodiversity and ecosystem health.  

In order to sustainably manage the Belongil estuary and its associated ecosystems into the future, Byron Shire Council completed the Belongil Estuary Management Study and Plan in 2001.

 Belongil Estuary Management Study and Plan 4.88 MB

 Belongil Entrance Opening Strategy - Review of Environmental Factors 1.51 MB

 Belongil Creek Estuary Processes Study October 1997 - Final Report 9.94 MB