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Affordable Housing Summit

Affordable Housing Summit – Models, Methods and Money

10 February 2017, Cavanbah Centre, Byron Bay


Byron Shire is a prosperous area for some, but not for some people who are at risk of homelessness or looking at a future that does not include home ownership. This Summit was designed to attract all those who are involved in addressing the dynamics of unique challenges in affordable housing.


To share knowledge and benefit from practical experience, case studies and expert presentations from leading national and local organisations. This event bought stakeholders from government, housing providers, private industry and community to look at current policies, development practices and programs for housing and to look at what could be done differently to improve the availability and supply of housing in Byron in particular.


1. Housing types and models - national and local

2. Tenure types and security

3. Planning enablers and barriers

4. Finance and investment models - opportunities


  • Jason Cubit, CEO, Horizon Housing and Mark Peacock, Social Ventures Australia
    How Cross-sectoral Partnerships and Impact Investing Bring Innovative New Responses to Community Housing Needs. 
    Click here to watch the presentation.